19 May 2017 Le petit courselle

Do what pleases you in May*

What pleases me the most is to hang about in the cellar, with roller skates on my feet. Twisting and turning between the wine barrels, zigzagging at full throttle between the pallets, trying out impossible manoeuvres on the concrete floor.

Starting at the far end and skating the length of dad’s cellar, turning slightly right into the winery, being careful to miss the metal doors of the vats, and the cardboard boxes and sacks of corks in the bottling room, and to brake at the end so as not to crash into the big wooden door of the tasting room … I could practically do it with my eyes shut.

Most important is to do this on the quiet when Papa is out in vineyard because he says is too dangerous – pooh! In May I can do just what I want!

* En mai, fais ce qu’il te plait, is a French proverb equivalent to ‘Never cast a cout till May is out’. However the literal translation works better in this anecdote.