24 April 2017 Le petit courselle

Happy Birthday to Le Petit Courselle !


Le Petit Courselle is a year old! One year! I’ve been among you for a whole year!

I have just blown out my first ever candle with my “two sisters” (les deux soeurs), Marie and Sylvie (Courselle) who everyone tells me, are “Epicurean winegrowers” (vigneronnes épicuriennes). What is that supposed to mean?!

Of Course I invited “Les copains” and “les Copines” but my ‘well brought up’ friend (“le bien-élevé“) is also at my birthday party … you know, this wine that languishes for ages in barrel until it is just right for your taste buds? What a lazy-bones – I certainly won’t be running about in the fields with him!

And finally, all my aunts and uncles, from France and elsewhere are also here … what a crowd!

Fortunately my house is big … my house? Gosh, how silly am I? I’ve never told you about it … my house is Château Thieuley, right in the heart of this magical Bordeaux wine region! You don’t believe me? Well you know what they say at playtime? “If you lie you go to hell … ” and that scares me, so to show that I am telling the truth, here is some rock solid proof!

Generation III” is the wine made by my big sisters at Château Thieuley! He has just joined us and I am delighted to have him alongside! Get acquainted quickly, because thanks to him the family is finally complete.