Today, it is back to school !

Pief rentrée PC3

Today it is back to school !

Everyone is buzzing around me, but I rather be helping papa patch up hoses, repaint grape hods and clean vats than prepare my pencil case and sharpen my pencils. Blimey – mama even bought me new shoes and papa some new boots.

But that’s ok, it has be said, the return to school this year is a little bit special, because I am going to start big school. I am going to join my two sisters who have already been there a few years. And it seems that they know almost everybody. Tomorrow my sisters will take me to my classroom and I reckon it’s going to be great fun afterall!

What I like more than anything about going back to school is that it means we are going to start the harvest soon, so who cares if I have to go to school because, as soon as the school day is over, my sisters and I will be allowed to run around in the winery to see what’s happening and we really love that!