Little Courselle goes bike riding in the vineyards.


Crash … and snack !

These famous cousins of ours arrived the day before, a little too late for us to play straight away, but this morning I’m all excited by the idea of us going bike riding in the vineyards. How proud I am to show them around my huge playground. Having a race in the vineyards is easy because, the path is straight. I’m not saying it’s wide … but it’s straight. The hill behind the house is the steapest, so more dangerous.

Everyone is happy and those in need were given the bikes propped up against the corner of the barn. We pedal really fast, the idea of having a race isn’t there yet, but it’s bubbling away under the surface! Once we’re at the top of the slope we decide to have a race. Everyone in a line, otherwise it’s too narrow. One, two, three, go!

As kids it seems to us everyone is going really fast. And this incredible smell that engulfs us … it is delicate, delicious, almost intoxicating. It’s the smell of the vineyard in bloom. Mummy says she is indescribable, for me it is simply unique.

I won the race, naturally, because I know all the pitfalls of the descent ; my cousin Franck on the other hand, he fell off. He had red knees and felt a little sorry for himself, but we decide to carry on regardless and not to say anything to our parents to avoid getting into trouble.

On returning home, the band of adventurers have earned themselves a snack, everyone is happy and our little misadventure goes unnoticed. All Franck needs now a good piece of saucisson and maybe a swig of red wine on the quiet to forget the pain. It’s the best medicine.